Fall Crime Tip 2018



Fall Crime Tip; if it is predictable, it is preventable.

Today is the first day of fall, just ahead of Libra Season ðŸ˜. In the northern, It’s time to turn off the AC, open up the windows, and welcome the beautiful fall weather. With the fall season the days get shorter, and the nights longer as the earth rotates into the autumn equinox.

During this time of year it is common to leave windows, doors, and other spaces open for the beautiful fall weather to blow in. One thing to keep in mind is if a crime is predictable, it is preventable. Here are a few helpful tips to remember.

    • Never leave a door or window open while you are not home.
    • Keep windows and doors locked that are not in use.
    • While out in the yard doing your fall cleaning, use it as a opportunity to identify those exterior areas of your home that are accessible by standing on an object such as the top of a fence, trash can, or lower roof. Be creative and imagine where someone may climb to gain entry to your home, block off all points of access by keeping everything locked.
    • Consider putting up additional lighting with timers. Remember, it will get dark earlier!
    • Take notice of overgrown shrubbery, and trim bushes as needed in areas around your home that provide cover for would-be burglars, such as those shrubs blocking front windows.
    • Avoid walking/exercising alone at night. If you have to, plan out a route that you’re comfortable with, even if it may be out of the way. Stay on well-lit streets, use routes that you know are widely traveled, and avoid shortcuts.
    • When you walk, keep your head up, and pay attention to your surroundings. We recommend that you do not wear headphones while walking home from work or out exercising.
    • When exiting your vehicle be sure to put the windows up and lock the doors.
    • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. If you need to store items in your vehicle for any reason place them out of view or in the trunk.
    • Try to secure items in your trunk before you get to your destination. It’s never a good idea to be seen put items away just before you leave your vehicle. Often times unavoidable.
    • Keep your electronics out of sight in your vehicle. Including the cords. Not a bad idea to remove supporting brackets for Garmin, etc.
    • If you carry a firearm get a secure car safe to lock it in. Secure the safe under seat to the seat structure with a cable or in your trunk to the sidewall.

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