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30 years of Experience

On behalf of Principle Intelligence, LLC and the clients we serve, it is my privilege to welcome you to our website.  We have prepared this website to help familiarize you with our service offerings and the men and women that make up the Principle Intel Team. We are hopeful that we will be better able to serve you by providing this medium for current information on our platform, staffing and resources.

We are excited about providing ethical, proactive, and responsive protective security services. Building trust and legitimacy, maintaining positive relationships / partnerships, and providing several lines of communication for the public and our clients to converse with security are essential elements for the success of our full service protection agency, and together, we will establish and maintain such.

Our website will be continually updated to ensure that you are informed. You can also follow us on our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and NextDoor.

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Jabir Hazziez Jr

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Executive Protection

Providing "protective services" requires a mindset that differs dramatically from the norm. Protecting people demands highly-skilled protection specialist with forward thinking anticipation of what might occur and developing pre-planned responses in mitigating risk that ultimately may lead to embarrassment, kidnapping, or physical harm of the protected.


Uniformed Protective Services

Malignant ineptitude is most pervasive and problematic in the contract security arena. Our protection officers are highly-trained professionals capable of successfully preventing and responding to threats from that which is associated with terrorism and organized violence to emergency medical situations.


Private Investigations

Professional certified investigators previously trained by our nations law enforcement and military at your disposal for litigation support, surveillance, fraud investigations, child custody, finding missing persons.


Subject Matter Experts

Board certified security management with expert knowledge in security, law enforcement, and investigations. Available to testify in court on your case, or be an intelligent resource for the media during active critical incidents.

Our Faq

Most of our private investigators have prior training and experience from working in law enforcement and military police within the U. S. Armed Forces.  A few have security and/or loss prevention backgrounds with on the job training in investigations.

Our investigators have conducted surveillance, domestic investigations, missing person investigations, motor vehicle crashes investigation, and fire investigations.

Certifications in fraud investigations, legal investigations, as well as ASIS certification Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) are sought after to show the body of knowledge that our investigators possess.

We invest in our investigators by sending them to training to stay current and learn today’s best practices.

Security companies are a dime a dozen.  Quality companies are out there, but are hard to find. That is why we started our business. Other security companies pay their employees very little and have a lot of turn over. Their wages also reflect the quality of their employees. These companies often carry no, or inadequate, insurance. Don’t put your business at risk. Principle Intelligence covers your bases and is competitively priced. Call today for a free quote. (470) 344-5725

In Georgia, the State Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies is the governing body that issues operating licenses for security companies in the State of Georgia.

Principle Intelligence currently holds a dual license for both private detectives and security.  Our license number is PDSC001725.

Principle Intelligence does conduct executive protection operations around the country working with out strategic security partners licensed in the areas we work.


Handcuff training with officers in the park.

Regardless of experience or background, our protection officers are expected to complete more than 150 hours training which exceeds minimum standards required by the State of Georgia; 24 hours unarmed, and an additional 15 hrs for armed.

Training is presented by the Center for Security and Antiterrorism Training (CENSECATTRA), and adjunct instructors from law enforcement, the fire service, and experienced security practitioners.

Basic security training includes Jurisdiction; Customer Service; Constitutional Law; Criminal Law; Civil Law; Authority to Apprehend; Use of Force; Deadly Force; Weapon Retention; and Basic Life Support to name a few.

Our officers are also trained in Less Than Lethal options which include verbal judo, taser, pepper spray (OC), and baton.


Costs can vary based on the size of the project and scope of service. Patrol services can start as low as $300/month, and on-site security officers start as low as $25.00 per hour. Consulting services can be billed hourly, or per project, depending on the scope of service.  Close Protection can be billed hourly or by the day.  Private Investigation is billed hourly.

Call today to schedule a free consultation (470) 344-4570

Principle Intelligence was started by active police officers coming into contact with “wanna-be cop” or “malignant ineptitude” security companies while working the streets. We pride ourselves on providing highly-skilled personnel that are highly-trained, and are proactive by using visibility to deter criminal activity, as opposed to reacting to it. All personnel are off-duty law enforcement personnel, or they are trained by certified instructors with law enforcement experience.

We conduct a thorough risk managment assessment for our clients which includes threat, vulnerability, and criticality if needed.   The assessment confirms the need for security.  However, we can start security services as soon as you tell us to begin, on the same day if needed. We realize that in our business our clients need immediate peace of mind. We will help in any way we can so you can get back to your business as soon as possible.



Principle Intelligence has no long-term contracts. We want to earn your business. If you don’t think we provide the best security service out there, we make it easy to cancel. Typical contracts for security service require 30 days’ notice to cancel.